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Pokemon X and Y Giveaways

Shiny Pokemon JournalSo I'm just done with making the images where there's only six shinies, this journal will contain all the shinies I have for trade from now on.
The Shinies I Have

(Please wait for all the images to load.)
Ninetales (on hold)
Journal will be updated often with more shinies.
Shinies I Want

Espurr (Any Gender, English)
Furfrou (Any Gender, Any Language)
Mewtwo (Any Language, what can I say, I love me some shiny Mewtwo!)
Eevee (Any Gender, Any Language)
Want people to see the Shinies YOU have for trade?
No problem! Just link me to the image(s) and I'll advertise it for you in this journal!

Paypal & Points Commission Listings

Commissions ~Points and Paypal Open~ + Art Trades:iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconcuteicondividerplz:
- You have to pay me the moment I approve your order.
- Only order the commission if you have enough points or money
- You ARE allowed to comment what you want me to do on this journal.
- No refunds if you don't like your commission. I put my heart and soul into it and I don't wanna hear crap like "Do it over", "It's not good enough" or "I don't like it".
- PLEASE don't ask m

Current Contest

Contest time~! !!PRIZE UPGRADE!!I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Never really had a lot of points...

 What is it about? 
It's simple, really. Draw one of YOUR characters with one of MY characters. Hey I had nothing else to think about, okay? 

To-Do List

The dreaded to-do list again... D:I decided to put up a list so I don't lose track of what I need to do. 
So many stuffs to do... Redesigns, ref sheets, re-modeling... etc.. 
WHELP here comes the list.
Personal Goals.
1. Re-build Gallery :bulletgreen:
2. Hera Ref Sheet :bulletgreen:
3. Ingrid Redesign + Ref Sheet :bulletgreen:
4. Katelyn Redesign + Ref Sheet :bulletred:
5. Widget Ref sheet :bulletred: 
6. Gadget Ref sheet :bulletred: 
7. Rosielle Ref Sheet :bulletred:
8. Proper Ref Sheet for Maiko :bulletred:
9. Alfonso Ref Sheet :bulletred:
10. Miriam Redesign + Ref Sheet :bulletred:
11: Siren Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
12. Blizzetta Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
13. Inera Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red] 
14. Ecco Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
15. Nayria Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
16. Erin Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
17. Glacia Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red]
18. Xinda Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Orange]
19. Jinx Redesign + Ref Sheet [Bullet; Red] 
20. Morgan Redesign +

Current Comic Progress

Officially starting a Nuzlocke in XI'm officially writing a Pokémon X Nuzlocke to turn into a comic later on.
And I don't wanna use the normal characters all the time...
SO YOUR CHARACTERS WILL BE FEATURED IN IT :dummy: ( Sonic characters, plz )
The trainer I'm using for X is Mist ( Obviously, considering she's my SonicSona )
And here are the positions.
Please note that Every Person may only enter TWO characters, in order to give other people a chance to enter as well!
Supporting Characters
Role taken by Sarah, owned by Yukidog674
Professor Sycamore:
Role played by Juan, owned by sonicsilver12
Role taken by Raiden, owned by AxxelTheWolf
 Must be Female, in the age range of 14 to 16, annoying-ish sometimes, will be the one engaging the embarrassing moments between Mist and the one playing Calem's role most of the time. Pokémon Team will be Greninja (male), Goodra (male), De

PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizziePOINTS PLZ Stamp by SinMisericordia21Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStormLlamas for Points Stamp by LooneyTunerIanPoints stamp by Tobi2x4Points Please by PointCollector
Work For Points "Stamp" by Nessarie

Stuffs for me~ <3

:iconjewel-shapeshifter: Jewel-Shapeshifter
AT with Libra-Dragoness by Jewel-Shapeshifter::Point Commission:: Heat it Up Baby~ by Jewel-Shapeshifter.::Season's Greetings::. #1 The Little sis~ by Jewel-Shapeshifter.::Halfshot::.Morgan by Jewel-Shapeshifter::Point Commission:: Hold me close... by Jewel-Shapeshifter::Gift:: Happy Birthday Libra-Dragoness!! by Jewel-Shapeshifter


:iconkimsspace: KimsSpace
Gift: Yahoo! by KimsSpaceCP: You don't mess with Persy by KimsSpaceCom: Iran vs Vedusenia by KimsSpaceCOM: Sleepover stories by KimsSpacePC: Were-Indigo and Mikle by KimsSpace:AT:Okay don't kill me Persy by KimsSpaceAT: Berries with Roses by killer-kimmieGifties and Kittie by killer-kimmieCom: Mobianized Ecco by KimsSpace


:iconsilver-senpai: Silver-Senpai
Sweet magic 16, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by Silver-Senpai


:iconorionthedgehog: OrionTHedgehog
Christmas Gift for Libra-Dragoness by OrionTHedgehog


The Warmth Of Fire by Yukidog674


2014 Birthday Gifts
You need some Persy in your life~ by Jewel-ShapeshifterIt was a Zombie Jamboree... [EDIT] by KimsSpaceBirthday gift for Libra-Dragoness by SonicFanChick14


Check here :heart:…

These are a few of my favorite things...

:heart: Favorite Things :heart:

:heart::star:My Characters:heart::star:

Mobian Characters: Persephone Alexandria Nightshade, Alexander Goldwing, Siren Bluestar, Indigo Thunderclash, Supernova, Ametrine, Mallery Autumnfield, Strorm the Husky

Pokémon Characters: Nubila, Esmerelda von Ghoul, Luchita, Nayria, Erin, Ecco.

:heart::star: Gaming :star::heart:

Favorite Games: Okami PS2, Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Battle Revolution, Pokémon White 2, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Ratchet and Clank: Nexus, Spectrobes, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Skylanders: Swap Force, Nintendogs + Cats. Luigi's Mansion 2, Sonic Unleashed PS3, Sonic Generations PS3, Sonic the Hedgehog '06.

Favorite Gaming Consoles: Wii, PS3, PSP, DSlite, 3DS, PS2.

Favorite Skylanders: Flashwing, Cynder, Spyro, Ninjini, Scratch, Star Strike, Stelf Elf, Dark Spyro, Zap, Camo, Drobot.

Favorite Pokémon
Bug: Volcarona
Dark: Malamar, Umbreon, Zoroark, Absol, MegaAbsol.
Dragon: Goodra, Flygon, Salamence.
Fairy: Togekiss, Sylveon, Blissey.
Electric: Luxray, Jolteon, Raichu.
Fighting: Gallade, Lucario, MegaLucario, Mienshao.
Fire: Braixen, Fennekin, Shiny Charizard, Vulpix, Shiny Ninetales, Chandelure, Charmander.
Ghost: Gourgeist, Phantump, Drifloon, Drifblim.
Grass: Chespin, Leafeon, Roserade, Cradily, Serperior, Meganium, Grovyle, Breloom, Torterra.
Ground: Gliscor
Ice: Glaceon, Froslass.
Normal: Eevee, Zigzagoon, Porygon-Z, Stoutland, Fufrou.
Poison: Arbok, Crobat, Scolipede.
Psychic: Gardevoir, Espurr, Female Meowstic, Espeon.
Rock: Aurorus, Tyranitar.
Steel: Aegislash, Bisharp.
Water: Shiny Greninja, Vaporeon, Kingdra, Lapras, Slowking, Milotic.
Legendary: Reshiram, Yveltal, Rayquaza, Latias, Resolute Keldeo, Shiny Mesprit, Mew, Shiny Mew, Meloetta, Articuno, Entei, Giratina, Manaphy, Xerneas, Celebi, Jirachi.
Ultimate Favorite Pokémon: Xerneas, Shiny Mew, Gardevoir(female), Shiny Mesprit, Entei and Serperior(female)

Favorite Pokémon Characters: Ash, Serena, Shauna, Tierno, Professor Rowan, Dawn, Dawn's mum, May, Max, Hex Maniac, Diantha, Cynthia, Lance, Olympia, Ethan, Lyra, Barry, Brock.

Favorite Sonic Characters: Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Manic, Tikal, Amy, Blaze, Cream, Knuckles, Tails, Big.

Favorite Okami Characters: Okami Amaterasu, Okami Shiranui, Okami Chibiterasu, Sakuya, Nanami, Oki, Ninetails, Issun, Susano.

Awesome People~


:iconkokorox:I love you so much, hun ;u; :iconkokorox:


free icon : charmander by kitten-tea My Internet Family (In no order) free icon : bulbasaur by kitten-tea

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Ninetales - Requested Icon by PurelyWhiteButterfly People I know In real life Ninetales - Requested Icon by PurelyWhiteButterfly


:iconthetriforceplz: Deviants I look up to and Admire :iconthetriforceplz:



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Please just call me Libra.
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A picture of my Pokémon X Trainer, Mysteria, on my birthday at the Frost Cavern entrance.
The Diamond Dust Snow is falling there! :heart:



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